Rosy Cheeks, Starring Bobby Trendy

Rosy Cheeks Starring Bobby Trendy

oil on panel, 16″ x 12″  ||  purchase painting  ||  purchase prints

Interior Designer Bobby Trendy is known for being flashy, but after this revealing day at work, he might also become known as a flasher! His trademark pink wall was meant to be the focal point of the room, but as he carelessly prances out of his pants, his bright red thong becomes the real showcase piece. What’s a designer to do when he’s trying to put his best foot forward — and accidentally showcasing his best assets along the way?

cheesecake boys series

The Cheesecake series grew out of my fascination with pin-up art from the 40’s and 50’s. It was a more innocent time (at least on the surface), and I love the elaborate scenarios that artists like Gil Elvgren and Art Frahm concocted in order to justify disrobing their subjects. A loose nail, a doorknob, or a brisk wind would all work in a pinch, resulting in hapless models accidentally exposing their unmentionables. I’m interested in exploring how gender roles were reinforced by these artistic expressions of sexuality. It intrigues me that it was considered sexy for a woman’s skirt to be ripped off before a crowd of oglers, while the male pin-up was only exposed when he wanted to be. Times certainly have changed! Men may have had a free pass on wardrobe malfunctions in the good old days, but my Cheesecake Boys are here to even the score.