“Richmond delves into the psychology of the person being portrayed and illustrates their vulnerabilities, internal struggles and vanities. The painting style is loose and textural with brush strokes and trails of the palette knife. Compositionally, the surface is dominated with the portrait as it appears to intentionally confront the viewer. Richmond makes good use of posture and gesture to clearly convey the inner emotions and comfort level of each subject. The backgrounds reverberate the color palette used in the figure but are broken up reminiscent of Cubism, not drawing away from the subject but rather emphasizing it.” 

– Joycelyn Todisco, Evansville Museum of Arts, History and Science

* * *

“The struggles Paul’s figures face jump off the canvas through the use of pigment and extreme texture. This style creates dynamic images on the canvas that draw the viewer into learning more about the figures and what challenges they are facing.” 

-John Myers, KMag

* * *

“A deeper, more faceted side of his work.”

-Christopher Harrity, Advocate

* * *

“Paul Richmond pours a bucket of issues in front of the spectator, unequivocally suggested through the subtle narrative of his painting series. Similarly to artists such as Mapplethorpe, he explores ideas of sexuality and identity through artistic expression.”

Ana B.K., Widewalls

* * *


Exhibition of paintings by Paul Richmond at Open Ground Studios (September – October, 2017)

“There are quantities of human faces, but there are many more faces, for each person has several.”

-Rainer Maria Rilke

My work is an investigation of identity, mythology, and human nature. Reality and abstraction compete within the figurative foundation of each piece to make the subjects’ inner struggles more tangible. I often draw upon personal history to approach universal themes. The expressive application of pigment reduces the literalness of the depiction, engaging with an exploration of color, form, shape, and pattern as windows into the psyche. By deconstructing and rebuilding the figure, my goal is to invite understandings that reach beyond the immediate surface and reveal the complexity of the individual.


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