Cheesecake Boys Adult Coloring Book




Pinup girls from the ’40s and ’50s had such a hard time keeping their clothes on. A loose nail, a curious pup, or even a brisk wind all seemed to exist for the purpose of disrobing unsuspecting cuties. But one important question has gone unanswered—until now: how did men always manage to dodge these obstacles? Now it’s time to even the score!

Welcome to the colorful world of the Cheesecake Boys, pinups for a new generation where skin-baring wardrobe malfunctions take an equal opportunity approach. Grab your crayons, markers, or colored pencils because these fellows need your magic touch—all over!

Twenty-two full page, single-sided images.

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Here’s a freebie to get you going! Today’s Cheesecake Boy of the Day has a special background. Elisa Rolle runs one of the most comprehensive online journals of LGBT literature, art, and film. She was one of the very first people to share my early Cheesecake Boy paintings on her blog, and she encouraged me to explore the publishing world because she thought my work should be on books. I’m happy to report that I’ve done over 400 book covers since that conversation! A few years ago, I was honored when she asked me to create a Cheesecake Boy illustration for the Rainbow Awards that she hosts. And now that same Cheesecake Boy has been turned into a line drawing for your coloring pleasure. Thanks Elisa for always being so supportive and encouraging! ❤ Check out her full post about the Cheesecake Boys Coloring Book while you color this cutie!

Click on the pic above for a hi-res version you can print out and color!

If you like to do your coloring digitally, try the RECOLOR app. You can import my #FridayFreebies coloring pics and fill in the colors with a tap of your finger!


wall-of-fameCheck out some of my favs from pinup enthusiasts all around the world!

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