Do you have an idea for a painting that you would like me to create? I'm now accepting commissions!

How It Works

I look at commissions as collaborations. I really enjoy working with clients to help bring their ideas to life! I work in a range of styles, from realism to expressive, and many different subjects including portraits, figures (clothed or nude), landscape, animals, still life, etc. My primary medium is oil on canvas.

For figurative art, I work primarily from photographic references. I will ask for stories about the person being depicted that can help guide the tone of the piece and colors that might have special significance to them. The goal is to create a piece that is both personal and powerful, reaching beneath the surface to reveal something more about the subject.

If I create a commission for you, I will submit an initial black and white sketch to you for approval and explain the direction I am planning to take the color. You can either request changes or approve the sketch. Once the sketch is approved, I’ll begin work on the painting and share photos with you throughout the process.

Getting Started

To begin, email me here and describe your idea. Also let me know if you have an idea of your preferred size and medium. Once I receive your email, we will discuss further details and I'll explain more about how the process works.


I base my pricing on size. I will list prices for some of the most popular sizes below, although if you have a different size in mind, just let me know and I can give you a quote.

16” x 20” - $1750

18” x 24” - $1800

24” x 30” - $2200

24” x 36” - $3000

30 x 40” - $3500

36” x 48” - $4000

Let's Chat!

Reach out to me by email here and we can discuss your concept. It doesn't need to be a fully formed idea yet - I'm happy to work with you and help guide the process so that we can arrive at a painting that will be exactly what you're looking for!