Live Art 2018


I'm looking forward to being part of the 7th annual LiveART event on Saturday, April 21 from 5-10 pm at YAC (Youth Arts Collective) in Monterey, California.


$15 cover
Open to the public.
Wine for purchase.
complimentary snacks.
All proceeds benefit YAC.

Best art and music party in town - back by popular demand.
Witness 30 prominent, emerging, and student artists make original art for sale, side-by-side in real time, while listening to 6 local bands/singer songwriters play sets back-to-back. They all do this for 5 hours, and all for YAC. It’s a 3-ring creative circus. And a crazy good time. Brought to you by the generous hearts of extraordinary talent from our community, who come together in honor of Monterey’s next generation of artists.

Witness invited artists from the community make pieces for sale. Most go for $50 and under on the LiveART Laundry Line. Great way to add to your collections from your favorite artists. A few on silent auction while they are being created.

Sketch Circle - have your 5min portrait done by 15+ artists surrounding you in a large circle. At the end of 5 min you receive a stack of 15 quick portraits from all sides! A very popular part of LiveART.

Confirmed visual artists are: Steven Whyte, Will Bullas, Robin Winfield, Mary Liz Houseman, Kevin Miller, Andrew Jackson, Ray Magsalay, Paul Richmond, Meg Biddle, Chloe Wilson, Germain Hatcher, Meheen Ruby, Steven Russell, Nina Paris, Charlsie Kelly, Thomas Hawley, Cody Moore, Logan Parsons, Casper Calloway, and Grace Mckendry.



Check out my interview with Youth Arts Collective here.


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