Looking to the Future

Here’s my new painting Looking To The Future. Limited-edition prints are available here.

Working on this gave me an outlet to express all of my emotions around the wave of legislative attacks against the LGBTIQ+ community, especially those targeting queer youth. I loved all the great 80’s fantasy movies and video games as a kid, and the symbolism of a “hero’s quest” came to mind instantly for this piece. I want the journey for young people discovering their identity to be safer and more illuminated than it was for us, and that motivates me every day to keep fighting.

This painting was auctioned on June 6 at the OutRight Action International Celebration of Courage Gala in New York to support their important work. It was bought by Global Citizen to hang in their headquarters.

Global Citizen invited me to be part of their Pride Celebration in NYC tomorrow! I got to speak (virtually) as they unveiled the painting. Global Citizen is dedicated to achieving the end of extreme poverty, powered by a community of millions who believe in one world. I was so honored to be part of this special event!

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