I’m partnering with the Service Learning Institute for a community art project called #Rise2Change. We want you to be part of it!

All throughout history, people have fought for social justice by speaking out in protests, demonstrations, and marches. I think the powerful messages written on protest signs deserve to be shared and remembered because they can inspire us all, and that’s what this project is about.

Here’s the challenge - find a picture of a sign from a protest or rally that inspires you. It can be from any time in history. Then share it to Instagram and all your social media platforms with the hashtag #Rise2Change. And include a message inviting your friends to do the same. We can inspire each other and remind ourselves that change is worth fighting for.

I’ll also be picking some of your signs to be featured in a public art piece this November. So take a few minutes and share a sign today. Together we can #Rise2Change!


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