Timelapse: New Painting "Endless"

Here's a timelapse video showing the entire process involved with creating my latest oil painting Endless. The piece was inspired by a photo Justin Melton Inman posted by to Instagram. This video takes you from start to finish so you can see everything from the blank canvas through to adding my signature on the completed work. I work in an expressionistic style, slapping layers of abstract color onto the canvas with a palette knife and squeegee before going in and pulling out the details.

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  • loved watching the process… thousands of strokes… marilynmichaels.com click on the ART icon…. you work from a primed dark canvas, and I work just the opposite .. ! so fascinating…

    • Marilyn Michaels
  • Love the time lapse and love the work. It was fun to watch.

    • Mark
  • Paul is an amazing and prolific talent. I have three signed prints and when I win the lottery I plan to purchase many more — if they are available

    so many of my straight friends like his work. it speaks to them about our world.

    be sure to follow: Paul Richmond and develop your own pic.


    • Michael Desmond