Isolated Incident print
Isolated Incident print
Isolated Incident print
Isolated Incident print
Isolated Incident print

Isolated Incident print

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Small: 11" x 13"
(image size: 8.25" x 11")

Medium: 16” x 20”
(image size: 13.5” x 18”)

Large: 20” x 26”
(image size: 18” x 24”)

Quality, archival limited-edition fine art prints on heavyweight, bright white, matte fine art paper with a luxuriously smooth surface that is able to produce extremely crisp and accurate detail and has received 100+ year archival certification from the Fine Art Trade Guild. Edition number, title, and artist signature are hand-written by the artist below the image in the white border.

"Limited-edition" means that there is a finite quantity of prints available. Small and Medium prints are in editions of 200. Large prints are in editions of 100. Once all of the prints are sold, the edition is closed. Your prints will be numbered in this format: 023/200 would indicate that it is the twenty-third print in an edition of two hundred. As the quantity of available works in an edition decreases, the price increases incrementally based on the percentage remaining in the print run.

Each piece you purchase will come with a certificate of authenticity, a signed document proving the authenticity of the work and containing details about the artwork for your reference.

Prints are shipped by Carmel Fine Art Printing & Reproduction in Carmel, California. Small and medium prints are shipped flat with glassline liners. Large prints are gently rolled with glassline into large diameter tubes/boxes.

I don't always know what a painting means when I begin working. My initial goal was to show a different side of myself than the bubbly, exuberant personality that my friends are accustomed to. After capturing my likeness, I found myself veering more toward abstraction in the surrounding space. The shapes that formed around the back of my head became swirling representations of the many-layered thoughts - grief, joy, doubt, fear, hope, sorrow, love - that got amplified during the quiet times of isolation during this past year. As it evolved, this painting came to be about the importance of making peace with the present moment.

©2022 Paul Richmond


Isolated Incident print
Isolated Incident print
Isolated Incident print